Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ryan + Cate

I had the huge blessing of photographing a dear friend's wedding. Ryan and Cate were married on Sept. 2, 2007 in Austin, TX.

It was a beautiful testimony to the Lord's unfailing love seeing these two become one in front of their precious friends and family. Ryan and Cate have to be one of the sweetest couples that I have ever witnessed. Their love is tender, sweet, deep, genuine, and respectful.

Above everything else, they love Jesus and He is the heartbeat of this marriage.

The location that they chose was gorgeous. And they, too, are the definition of gorgeous! Really!!!!

We were really bummed that we didn't get to do any outside pictures (except the ones under the tarp, tricky, tricky:) because of the rain. It rained the whole time before the wedding while we were shooting all of the before the ceremony stuff.

We tried to fit as much inside as we could. The inside was not laid out for inside pictures especially those with bigger groups, but we made the best of it. And the bride and groom were in good spirits the whole time which blessed the socks off of the photographer.

It was a joy being part of a wedding where the bride and groom have the bigger picture in mind.......their marriage. They were not about to let the rain get to them and the miracle Jesus was doing that day.

But, as for the wedding details.....they were stunning! The colors were gorgeous, the ambiance was beautiful, and the guests were sweet!

Here are some of my favorites. I have more that are ready to put on here, however my internet decided to turn into a tortoise of some sort today and I've been at it for 5 hours trying to get the rest on here. Have no fear, the technician will be here......tomorrow! Anyways, check back soon for the rest of the pictures. There are so many great ones. You can look at the full wedding HERE.

Cate getting ready!

Putting on her dress. This place had a really beautiful bridal parlor.

Beautiful Cate!

Best Friends. We played up the fact that it was raining and grabbed an umbrella for the bridesmaid's pictures.

Adorable Asher the ring bearer!

Because of time, Cate and Ryan saw each other before the wedding. It worked out so great because I was able to get some really great shots of her walking towards him in the background. It also made for a very sweet and intimate moment because they were all by themselves (except for a goofy photographer:) and they were able to take that moment all in!

Bride & Groom. All of these shots were under a white tarp which gave the illusion that we were outside. Ha, take that rain!

More to come soon! Check back tomorrow for the rest of them.



Sarah Shalley said...

Can't wait to see the rest...Of course, I'm visiting Photoreflect. :)

Palermos said...

Lyns, You did such an AMAZING job (as always) on Cate's pics. Despite so many roadblocks, you shined, once again! The rain, lighting, time crunch...nothing can slow you down! And you did it all by yourself! I've talked to Cate a couple of times since she's seen the pics and believe me..she LOVES them! Don't ever doubt yourself missy!