Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ryan + Cate, Part 2

Hooorrraaay for really smart people who can change an internet connection from being tortoise-like to lightening fast! Even though he took one look at my computer, looked at me and said "I hate Macs" with a straight serious face, I still think he is terrific. He really said that! I forgive him and his little fear of the unknown Mac world.

Anyways, I promised more pictures of Ryan and Cate and here they are. I hope you enjoy!

Ryan & Cate!

The ceremony had the most beautiful ambiance and was lit up by white little lights everywhere! It was truly beautiful.

Mr. & Mrs. Shipley!

The Wedding Party!

The most delicious cookies!

Ryan wrote, sang, and recorded the song that they danced to for their first dance. It was truly such a special moment. And he had an incredible voice!

Getting jiggy with it!

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the Apels said...

you are amazing...charlie said we should have copyrighted our "pose" and should have been making lke $5 off of everyone who wanted to use it...what do you think?