Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Image X

For the photographers out there that read this blog, listen up!

There is an upcoming workshop in New Orleans would be amazing to attend! It offers some of the MOST incredible photographers all in ONE workshop. And New Orleans is not that far from us. It is better than driving to SoCal.

This is very advanced notice, but my hunch is that it is going to fill up so fast. Some of my all-time favorite photographers are going to be there.

This is a little too far for me to plan my life around- Oct. 08. I might even have a baby on the way by then. Who knows! But, I wanted to put this info out there because I feel that there may be someone itching to go.

CLICK HERE to find out more details.

If you are a photographer who reads this, would you give me a shout out and let me know you exist! Leave me a comment. I would love to keep in touch and read your blog if you have one.

Peace and Love!