Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Image X

For the photographers out there that read this blog, listen up!

There is an upcoming workshop in New Orleans would be amazing to attend! It offers some of the MOST incredible photographers all in ONE workshop. And New Orleans is not that far from us. It is better than driving to SoCal.

This is very advanced notice, but my hunch is that it is going to fill up so fast. Some of my all-time favorite photographers are going to be there.

This is a little too far for me to plan my life around- Oct. 08. I might even have a baby on the way by then. Who knows! But, I wanted to put this info out there because I feel that there may be someone itching to go.

CLICK HERE to find out more details.

If you are a photographer who reads this, would you give me a shout out and let me know you exist! Leave me a comment. I would love to keep in touch and read your blog if you have one.

Peace and Love!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Luke & Melissa: e-session

Meet Luke and Melissa!

These two are so fun. They have such a relaxed and easy-going spirit. I literally felt as if I have known these two for years and we just met!

The photo shoot was in Independence at the Old Baylor Campus and the railroad tracks nearby. For some reason, I thought it would suit these two. When Luke showed up in a cowboy hat, I KNEW it was perfect.

We almost had to cancel due to a storm approaching, but it took a turn to east and gave us the most gorgeous sky and clouds.....a photographer's dream. However, it did not bring the wind with it. It left that in Independence with us.

Overall, I was super excited at how their pictures turned out. Here are some of my favorites from the day. Thanks for such a fun time!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ross King!

We were super blessed to attend a Ross King concert this past Friday night.

I love the songs that he writes. They are so real and in your face. I need that. They speak to me. The Lord has truly gifted him musically and poetically.

It was really awesome because I was outside walking around taking some pictures and there were people walking by on the streets of Downtown Bryan wondering what was going on at The Palace. The conversations went something like this.

"Who is Ross King?"

"I don't know, but he sounds pretty cool."

"You want to go check it out?"

"Sure. I'm game for whateva!"

And in they went. Praise the Lord!

The Palace was a groovy place for a concert. The kiddos had fun running around together and we had fun worshiping the Lord outside.

The funniest part HAD to be the train. If you know anything about Downtown Bryan, you know that there is a train that runs right in the middle of it. A very loud train. Ross was in the middle of his 5th or 6th song and this blaring horn overpowered everything. The band totally stopped playing. How could they even continue? It was rediculously (is that a word?) loud.

I didn't have my 'bread & butta' zoom lens. It is too big for me to tote around with a gigantic 7 month old on my hip. So, I didn't get in as close as I would have liked to. I did get some wide angle stuff. This also means I didn't get any of my groovy Hope Group leader on the drums.....the rock star, Craig Weaver. He is sick on the drums. For real! I just learned that in teeny bopper terms, 'sick' is a great thing. It is the equivalent to us saying 'awesome' in the 90s.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The W Family

A few weeks ago, I had the blessing of photographing this family.

They are precious friends of mine. Our plans were to head out to the local rose gardens, but after this bunch saw the hay bales that Jason baled the week before and the gorgeous views, they were thrilled to pose for a few pictures in our pasture. The evening was absolutely stunning with an amazing sunset!

Here are a few of my favorites!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beautiful Baby Girls

Pretty much everyone that is a really close friend of mine is either pregnant or has recently had a baby- my sister included, who is also a dear friend of mine:).

I'm really not exaggerating either, which I have the tendency to do sometimes. There are babies every where.

Over the past few weeks I've had the joy of photographing some of my favorite little girls.

I love infant photography. I love it mostly because it is a challenge to me and you never know what to expect. There is never a dull moment and lots of laughs along the way. And with every baby comes a schedule. The right time is crucial in getting great pictures. If they aren't happy and well fed, you might as well forget it.

These lovely little ladies were a photographer's dream! Of course they are absolutely gorgeous and they were all very happy during their photo shoots.

Here are some of my favorites of these precious ones.


My beautiful niece, Ava! She reminds me so much of my KK, except her strikingly gorgeous black hair. KK didn't have hair until she was 2.

Precious Sadie! This child is going to give Laney Rae a run for her money. She is such a big girl.

Adorable Autumn. Her daddy is Native American and a tribe member made her this special blanket and moccasin's. How cool is that? We had to include them in the pictures.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kent & Courtney; Part 2

Here are some more of this sweet couple! These were shot at George Bush Library. GBL is another favorite of mine to shoot at. They keep the grounds perfectly manicured and all of the extras are great too! While we were there, we ran into 3 other photographers. It was fun!

I'm so excited about this couple's wedding. It will be held at La Cantera Resort in San Antonio. There are so many great places to take pictures at here. I can't wait!

Kent & Courtney; e-session

Kent & Courtney are getting married in July! I had the priviledge of photographing them for their engagement session. We immediately hit it off and hit the streets of downtown Bryan in hopes to beat the storm that was fast approaching.

We started downtown and the plan was to head to George Bush after we were done there. However, the rain came down. So we finished up there and went to George Bush another day.

These two were so much fun! They had lots of neat ideas as well which gets me excited that someone else is as excited about pictures as I am.

I have a funny story too- a Lynsey moment (as my hubby would say). I was trucking along taking pictures. I like to refer to my clients by their names instead of 'Hey, you'. It just sounds better for some reason. So I kept asking 'Kurt' to do this or 'Kurt' to move here or 'Kurt' to chill. Halfway through, sweet Courtney says during one of those moments,"You mean, Kent."

I broke out laughing and started apologizing profusely. They were laughing with me too!

I have a really bad tendency to mesh couple's names together. I do this even with some of my closest friends, Kirby and Charlie. I will call one of them Chirby, Karlie, Charby or whatever! I'm so bad about it. Courtney goes by 'Court' a lot of times and once again I was caught in the name meshing game with, Kent and Court.

I do tons of shoots in the downtown area. It is what people like and I happen to love it myself. But, I don't want for everything I shoot downtown to look exactly the same. However, at the same time I realize that people select a photographer based upon the work that they have seen them do.

Here is some insight to that from the amazingly talented and famous Jessica Claire. She shares the importance of being consistent yet creative at the same time. Here are her words:

This is something that I struggle with like everyone else. I think that one thing that helps is to get to know your couple or subject a bit before the shoot, or even when you first arrive so you can find things about them that you can incorporate into the shoot. I love to shoot engagement sessions somewhere significant to a particular couple. My best work though, is when I get to shoot people doing something or being somewhere that they really enjoy. For example, I had a couple the other day say to me, "please don't make us shoot our engagement session at the beach, I just don't like the beach!" I'm so glad that they said something about that because instead of putting them somewhere uncomfortable, we were able to choose a location they really loved.

I think doing things different every time is really difficult, and so I don't try to go too far outside the box on every shoot. My clients hire me not only for my photos but because they have an idea of what they will get with me, and consistency is a good thing. So on every shoot, I'll shoot about 75% of what I know will work well, and I'll try about 25% of the time to do something different or new. It doesn't always work, but sometimes I get something completely awesome! That way I can shoot for the client and still satisfy my own creativity and curiosity without the pressure of feeling like if I don't do the new thing well, the shoot is ruined.

So that is that! She really says it best!

On to the favorites from their session. There are more to come that were shot at George Bush. This couple had a ton of keepers! I really had a hard time even selecting my favs. Here is a LINK to all of them shot downtown!