Saturday, February 16, 2008

Her Cuteness!

My sister and bro-in-law came to Brenham to visit us. They only live 30 minutes away, but it was fun that they came to hang out on the farm with us for a few days.

Of course I couldn't resist taking pictures of my adorable niece, Ava. This girl is precious. I just look at her and start smiling. Ava has the sweetest personality and is the most laid back baby in the ENTIRE world.

Laney Rae and Ava are in the same preschool class at church on Saturdays. When I dropped off Laney Rae at her class, Ava was sitting in the Bumbo chair as happy as can be. And........when we came back to pick them up after church was over, she was still sitting the Bumbo chair. The teachers in there said that she didn't even make a peep the entire time. Typical.

Here are some recent pictures of her! She will be 6 months in a few days.

Enjoy! She makes me look good.


Sarah Shalley said...

I loooove #5! She's precious.

Judy said...

WOW! Ava is so beautiful! I love that last one. :) I need you to snap a few of my sweet one some day soon!
Love ya,

shauna maness said...

MY GUUNESS.... TOO SWEET!! i could eat here up!! where did you get the sock monkey lion??? I LOVE IT!! ava has gotten soo big!!