Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bacak Family and other news

I'm sorry for the lack of posts here lately. Yep, like since before Christmas! Shame on me.

I did a lot of shooting right before Christmas and throughout Christmas. So stay tuned for more action!

The photo opps that I had during the holidays were all special to me mainly because they were close friends and family.

The Bacaks are sweet friends of ours. We have been blessed by their friendship in so many ways.

Their children are a big ball of fun. Really. I have never experienced such excitement and adrenaline all in one session! Each one is unique and fun in their own little special ways. They are all so different......yet hilarious. They do have that common denominator. The Bacak kiddos are total hams in front of the camera!

In other photography related news, I'm in the process of evaluating where the Lord wants to take me in 2008. I currently have two weddings booked this 2008 (which I'm super excited about because one is in Brenham and the other is at an amazing resort in San Antonio). I quit booking weddings this year and cancelled a few others because I'm not quite sure where the Lord is leading me.

I want to be in His total and perfect will and right now in this season of my life, I don't know if it is a full fledge photography business. I have been overwhelmed and blessed at the response of brides and grooms that have fallen in love with my photos. I have fallen in love with them as well and their friendships. In the process, I have walked away with some pretty incredible people in my life that I will forever call friends.

Don't misunderstand me here. I know that the Lord will use this gift He has given me. I will never be able to walk away from photography completely. Besides, I have some pretty great models that live with me and hundreds of animals dying to get their picture taken as well. Add amazing friends and family to the mix, and I will always have something to shoot!

But, I believe He is steering me in the direction of assisting my husband more out here on the farm by creating some marketing stuff, getting the word out about our products, creating amazing cards, help get a website up and going, and capture pictures of things going on out on the farm. As you can see, that is plenty of stuff right there for me to do. I want to use my gifts to be an asset to Jason.

Who knows what the Lord has in store for me. But, I do know that it should always align with His plan and perfect will. And being a wife, I know that always includes being a helpmate to my husband and putting my family first. Everything else is secondary.

I'm not sad in the least because I have much comfort in knowing that this decision will be blessed.

This blog will continue to exist because my passion and love for photography will always exist. Stay tuned for more photos to come. I still have plenty from Christmas stuff to post!

Here are a few of my favorites from the Bacak session.



Daddy & T Bear

The Girls

The Bacak Nation

Daddy & Jax

Brothers & Sister


See, total hams!

Emma loves horses!


Jennifer Bacak said...

Lynsey, you are beyond talented! My family has never looked so good!You are amazing!!!! I don't have that one of Justus and Treston holding hands, but I love it!!!
Thank you for using your gift to bless others.
Love you

Anonymous said...

I love these pics Lyns! Adorable family! You had great models!

Love you!