Thursday, September 20, 2007

Roberson Wedding

Happy 1 Month Anniversary Bart & Lauren!

Their wedding took place in a church in Katy followed by the reception at a Country Club not too far away. I love golf course pictures! The green grass and perfect landscaping makes for great outdoor pictures.

Lauren is one of the sweetest people I have had the privledge of meeting. Her smile lights up her entire face. She smiles with her heart. It is truly a beautiful sight. Bart is cool guy as well and really tall! I happen to really like tall people since I am one myself.

These two love each other sweetly. It was a joy following them around on their wedding day.

Here are a few favorites from their wedding. I am trying to publish the rest HERE, but our internet is whack right now and needs to have a shot of ginseng or something. Gotta love CFT (country folk time). We have wireless since we live in a rural area and supposedly they are working on upgrading our channel. We'll see!

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