Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The M Family

I recently did a family photo shoot. As I have said in previous posts, family sessions tend to be the most challenging and the biggest sweat fest.....especially in the heat of the summer.

I am litterally in desperate need of a cold shower at the end of the always challenging never boring and incredibly fun family sessions!

But, it was totally worth it.

What is even cooler is that it was this little guys first birthday on the actual day. This family was a blast to hang out with. I had never met them before this session, but we didn't miss a beat and there was never an akward moment because they were so fun. And not to mention a overall gorgeous family.

Oh, and can I just say this?

I know that the colorizing of items in photographs is a bit dated in the photography world. The big league photographers would probably shun them. However, this particular family was wanting to replicate their daughters 1 year old pics that she took with a balloon in color and the rest black and white. And also, they specifically requested this. I don't do this too often anymore unless they do request it. But, I must say that the flower one looks pretty cute and subtle. I like it even if it isn't 'modern'.

When families are considering booking sessions with photographers, I always encourage them to view what an entire session from the photographer looks like. It gives them a better understanding what the overall style will be.

Also, on-location photography offers options and varieties that you can't find in a studio anywhere. The typical studio session is about 30 minutes. Which my child (pre-photography:) barely lasted 10 minutes which equivalated to 10 snaps and we were done! And because we shoot outside, I feel like the kids are much more comfortable and at ease so the session lasts longer which equals more pictures to walk away with. I think they had around 150 keepers from a 1 1/2 hour photo session.

I was able to capture so many different elements of this family just by going to a park nearby. Here are some of my favorites.

p.s. I would love to have cute little borders around my pics, but can't seem to get it together and design them. So, imagine these images with really tight borders around them:)


Sarah Shalley said...

so cute! love them. i just posted a wedding (and a few other things). what are you up to? have anything in the near future that you need me for? anything before christmas? :)

love you lyns.

Julie said...

Excellent shots! I agree with you the yellow flower shot is wonderful. Whether or not it's popular now or not I like it!!! I think it looks great in decorating the walls of the child's room as well.


Sarah Shalley said...

thanks! 12 weddings! wow! send some work my way if you can :) i understand that you want to be home with that adorable husband and those sweet girls. summer..ah, summer. i can't wait to have the summer off. it'll be SO MUCH fun to be able to shoot with you and not be in school. keep me posted. i LOVE the family photos and hope that you have more soon. love you!