Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ryan and Sara; e-session

Ryan and Sara are so great together. They compliment each other in every sense of the word. This couple is super fun too- I'm a firm believer in fun! It makes their relationship all the more sweeter.

Since they are so fun, it was inevitable that our photo session be filled with all sorts of fun moments..........oh and a heat wave. Talk about HOT! Sonic drinks were a must immediately following the session.

Ryan happens to be a photographer himself, so I had to step up my game in a MAJA way.......maja! It can be a bit intimidating shooting for a fellow photographer, but they were great! And it was neat having some creative folks to bounce ideas off of.

We did their photo shoot in the gem-filled Downtown Brenham. There are so many great places to photograph. I have loved it for quite a while from the outskirts, but have never really fully been submerged in its surroundings. I've fallen in love with a new location. And we didn't even cover a 1/4 of it. There was also a random pasture that we found that ended up being beyond gorgeous for photos. The sun was absolutely perfect too.

Here are some of my favorites from the session. But, seriously there were so many I had a hard time choosing. You can view them all HERE if you would like to!

Oh, and leave me a shout out and let me know if you are still there. I haven't updated in quite a while, so the life of this blog is contingent upon YOU! Not really. But, yes.


Jessica said...

Love it, Lyns.

I'm still here.

Anonymous said...

Ah! They are adorable! I love how they look so much alike..like Matt and I. Everytime I see them I think "Man, their kids are going to be clones!"

These photos are amazing! I love this new location in DTB! I need to find it!!!

Anonymous said...

They are lovely Lyns!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! Thanks so much for this. They look incredible, and even more incredible was being able to come down to Brenham and spend the evening with you guys and eat some of that homegrown pork... dang... ya'll are cool!


D.O. said...

here I am! (thank you Reader)

Sarah Shalley said...

still here! love the black and white one. that's an awesome backdrop. i'm glad to see you taking pics away from the farm for a second. ;) i might have to have you take some of my fam sometime soon. love you. they're awesome.

Garratts said...

Yeah I mean he's ok. Try living with him though. WHOA!!

JK, we love Ryan and Sara too.

Great pictures Lyns. You are the bomb digity.

jaye carol said...

Hi Lyns,

Ths is Ryan's Mom. Thank you so much for shooting such incredible pictures of Ryan and Sara. This will be a memory they will have the rest of their lives.

It is amazing how you captured their personalities...now that is talent!!!

From one mother to another...a huge heartfelt Thank You!!!!

Jaye Price

QuiltedSimple said...

Lyns - I love your photos - and so wish we weren't states away - I'd have you do the kids' photos in a heartbeat! Maybe when Jessie gets married (in the very, very, very distant future!) hehe. Keep posting pictures you've taken - so I can keep drooling! Hugs!

Dana said...

You are a seriously great photographer!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Hi! I sent you an email. Let me know if you got it or if you need anything else!

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do a maternity photo shoot with you! I will be contacting you before December, for sure.

You can leave a comment on my blog, or just email at ashle9@hotmail.com

J & J Acres said...

Those are so great!!! I love the one of them kissing with the sunset behind them. Great moments!!

just me... said...

I'm here, I'm here!!

There are several in here that are 'framers' (a silly way my friend and I use for great photos)... hard to choose a fave- I love, love, love the b&w with him holding her hand and walking (?) and the railroad track shot is beautifully lit;

The sunset shot is extremely vivid, and for its color, I love it too-

Wow I just saw you have 12 comments... guess somebody better keep on posting!

Melanie said...

They are a fun couple! How cute they look together. I love your photos especially the black & white photo of him leading her by the hand, and the one of them in the field leaping. Great shot!

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Ashton said...

Love the pictures!!