Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hendrick Family

I was blessed to be able to take pictures of my family for the adoption process that they are going through. You can read about that amazing adventure HERE!

The day was covered in much prayer not only because they have 3 amazing and goofy boys, but also because these are the pictures that birth mothers will look at in order to select the family that they will be choosing to adopt their child.

We had a blast with our families walking around downtown Bryan. This location is one of my favorite places to shoot. It has so many cool textures and backgrounds. All of these pictures are some of my favorites. But, really, as I was going through gathering my favorites, I ended up with around 40! Which I'm aware is too many to post on the blog. But, it is my beautiful family so I'm a little partial. Aren't these boys adorable!!!


shauna maness said...

LYNS! these are soo great! i love everyone of them!

(how did you get under that grate? you are tricky!)

downtown bryan is my favorite!

how do you do the link in the blog thing? i like that!

& how did you change your cool header??? mine won't let me change it! HELP!

The Kramer Family said...

Wow! Thanks girl.

To do the link thing, you type whatever word you want to link. In this case 'HERE' is the word I chose. Under the edit screen of the post, there is a little link looking icon. You highlight the word and then click the link icon. THen you type the URL.

To get the header pic, you go under layout on the dashboard of the blog. Then you click on header and there is an option on there to put an image in the header.

I hope this helps. I'm not very great about explaining computer things. Let me know if this works. I can't wait to see the cool header that you create!

Capture Photography said...

Lyns....i totally don't know you...but shauna does and apparantly loves you to death, so that's enough for me to know you are probably the coolest!! :) The pics of your fam are BEAUTIFUL. And the entire story is such an encouragement to see jesus using gifts in an out of the box way! I'm praying that that mama will see them and immediately be captured....

Can't wait to see lots and lots more of your work!!!! :)

Hendrick Family said...

Look at your cool new blog!

I love it!